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Crimson Achievement Pathways Team

Mariposa Creative Care

Undocumented Initiatives has launched a new spring program called Mariposas Creative Care. 

This project consists of  weekly creative workshops that will promote self-care, self-discovery, empowerment, resiliency, and of course creativity.

Supervision of a weekly safe-social-space for undocumented students (and allies) will take place in the Mestizo Center located in Cleveland Hall, Room 121.

Activities in this safe-social-space include: study tables, art tables, board games, movie socials, family dinners, weekend community service, etc. 


The current policy to allow for DACA renewals could change very soon. The Trump Administration may ask a court to stop the order or announce a new change in policy.


Mariposa Creative Care

Open to every Ally

Walk in Hours: 

Monday and Friday: 2:30-6pm 


Mestizo Center (Cleveland 121)

Creative Workshops:

Fridays @ 4:00 - 5:30pm


Email:Maria C. Estrada



Download Mariposa Creative Care flyer


For individuals who (1) currently have DACA: 

  1. Fill out a renewal application, form I-821D, in black ink, or typed:;
  2. Fill out forms I-765 and I-765WS, in black ink, or typed (which can also be found at;
  3. Get your passport-style photos taken. The application requires two passport-style photos, attached to the application. You can get these photos taken at Rite-Aid, Walmart, and other stores with photo services;
  4. Make a copy of each side of your Employment Authorization Document, even if it’s expired. You will need to submit this with your application;
  5. Get a check or money order for the filing fee of $495, and the check or money order must be made out to the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” 
  6. If you have any new criminal records since your last DACA application or renewal, including traffic tickets, call the University of Idaho Immigration Clinic: Kate Evans (612-850-5340) or Courtney LaFranchi (541-214-9273);
  7. Once your application, documentation, and passport photos are put together and ready to go, make a copy of the entire filing for your records;
  8. Mail the filing to:
    1. Dallas Lockbox if you are in Idaho:
      O. Box 660045
      Dallas, TX 75266-0045
    2. Chicago Lockbox if you are in Washington:
      O. Box 5757
      Chicago, IL 60680-5757
    3. If you reside in a third state, please call the Immigration Clinic or check the filing address here:;
  9. For more detailed information and FAQs on DACA renewals, please see 
    For a printable checklist of required documents, please see


Initial applications and for examples of the types of evidence that are accepted, please see