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Undocumented Initiatives

A view of the WSU Pullman campus on a snowy day.

Student Organizations

Crimson Group (WSU Pullman)

The Crimson Group is an activist support group for undocumented students and allies at WSU Pullman and in the Palouse community.

Crimson Group provides students with resources and the support they need to be successful in college. The group organizes conferences and workshops, as well as social events that enable students to interact and bond. Crimson Group strives to make a positive change on campus and provide a welcoming environment for people to speak their voices and come out of the shadows.

The Crimson Group was founded five years ago and started as a secret group so that undocumented students could feel safe. It has now evolved to include allies and it is open for everyone to join.

For more information, email or follow Crimson Group on Facebook.

WSU Pullman Crimson Group Leadership:

Crimson Group (WSU Vancouver)

Crimson Group Vancouver is a group of Undocumented/DACA students who bring support, encouragement, resources, and news to the undocumented/DACA students on the WSU Vancouver campus.

We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students. We welcome all future undocumented/DACA/dreamers to get involved.

For more information, email or email

Mariposas Undocumented Alliance (WSU Pullman)

The purpose of Mariposas Undocumented Alliance is to gain self-empowerment and help create resilience in our members, as well as create social change, especially in our undocumented community. We create and organize activities at WSU Pullman that educate the public on the rights that undocumented folks have, as well as helping train the public on how to act in certain situations. We empower one another to pursue higher education, offer leadership opportunities as well as leadership roles, positions and skills, and improve and create a safe environment.

Mariposas Undocumented Alliance Leadership: